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The pope went to Terni to see the Lombard king who received him with every mark of honour.

Zachary was able to obtain from Luitprand that the four cities of Ameria, Horta, Polimartium, and Blera should be returned to the Romans, and that all the patrimonies of the Roman Church that the Lombards had taken from it within the last thirty years, should be given back; he was also able to conclude a truce for twenty years between the Roman Duchy and the Lombards.

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Duke Trasamund of Spoleto, with whom Pope Gregory III had formed an alliance against Luitprand, did not keep his promise to aid the Romans in regaining the cities taken by the Lombards.

(Considering the 3.7 million scholarships we have, it was no easy task).As late as 743 the papal letters were dated from the year of the reign of Constantine V; in 744, however, they are dated form the year of the reign of Artabasdus.Still the papal envoys do not seem to have come into close relations with the usurper at Constantinople, although the latter re-established the worship of images.When Zachary ascended the throne the position of the city and Duchy of Rome was a very serious one.Luitprand, King of the Lomabards, was preparing a new incursion into Roman territory.

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