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The reference to basketball player Steve Nash in the song's lyrics led to speculation that he and Furtado were romantically involved, but both deny the link with Nash commenting, "I'm flattered that she put me in her song, but I'm completely in love with my wife and two little baby girls".In one of the verses Timbaland introduces himself as Thomas Crown.The Thomas Crown Affair is a film about wealthy businessman who plays a cat-and-mouse/flirting game with an insurance investigator.Timbaland only performed the song live on special occasions, such as Furtado's appearance on Saturday Night Live, "Promiscuous" received positive reviews from music critics.The song was well received by music critics, with some critics calling it the highlight of the album.

The single was also previously certified 3 Platinum in January 2007 for digital download sales, denoting sales of 60,000 copies.

The song's music video was directed by Little X and features cameo appearances by Keri Hilson, Bria Myles, Sean Faris and Justin Timberlake.

It does not follow a storyline and per Furtado's request, focuses on scenes with dancing and flirting because she wanted to recreate the song's indicative vibe, and took the opportunity to film a club video for the first time.

Furtado also described that in the process of writing lyrics "we were actually flirting, which is why the song is so playful" and that she and Clayton nicknamed the song 'The Black Berry Song', because everything we say in the song you could text-message to somebody".

Because of the preponderant musical influence of artists such as Talking Heads, Blondie, Madonna, The Police and Eurythmics, whom producers Timbaland and Danja listened to during the writing of the album, "Promiscuous" takes inspiration from pop music of the 1980s.

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