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Our second generation chatbot does even more, and was therefore given the working name Do-Much-More.’’Do-Much-More delivers a significant leap in performance relative to the original Do-A-Lot software.That leap has been achieved by ­retaining the original strengths of Do-A-Lot, enhancing its power by extending its system of “variables” (word types) and its morphology (for example by the inclusion of phrasal verbs), and increasing the sophistication of its response ­generation system through the use of two important lexical resources that have been developed within the Computational Linguistics community in the academic world: Word Net and Concept Net.“ELIZA did very little but caused a stir at the time and is well documented in the Artificial Intelligence literature.Our first chatbot program had the name Do-A-Lot because it did more than ELIZA.

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It also included a mispelling of Sherry Turkle's surname, which has been corrected.During this time, he began looking into the programming of chess, which ultimately led to an interest in human-computer conversation.He and Cheok’s “I-Friends” will have a sophisticated module which will endow the software with emotions, personality and moods.The purpose is twofold: to produce a combination of a dictionary and thesaurus that is more intuitively usable, and to support automatic text analysis and artificial intelligence applications.The database and software tools have been released under a formal license and can be downloaded and used freely.

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