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She has a fleece blanket over her, and is texting her friends and doing homework.The patients are a dog, Riley, and two cats, Tigre and Rufus. He has an open sore on his paw, perhaps an infected bee sting, that he has worried into a nasty-looking festering sore.Early in his New York career he also treated notorious Mafioso John Gotti’s dogs.Some of Korin’s clients spend a lot of money on their ageing pets to extend their life, sometimes by just a few months. There is a flat fee of 0 for a house visit, and then there is a charge per service.The apartment is roomy and tidy but all around are children’s books and toys.I know Irish people have no interest in property prices, but I suppose the best way to estimate the value of a penthouse apartment in Tribeca is to pick a number between one and nine and then keep adding zeros until you run out of paper to write on.Over the years Korin has treated many pets with famous owners; the most memorable was perhaps Yoko Ono’s cat.He recalls a little tremor of awe on first seeing John Lennon’s famous white grand piano.

Her apartment overlooks the Hudson and is filled with elegant artworks and drawings of a life well spent in the theatre. Broadway has become a cold place for plays about ideas, she fears. He asks Liz to discourage Mr Sushi from eating human food.George Korin is one of only a handful of vets who make house calls in New York City.He is a neighbor of mine in Greenpoint, and I asked if I could tag along for a few days while he visited his patients. He grew up in Toronto and studied marine biology before gravitating towards veterinary medicine.While Korin treats Riley, he and Larry talk about tick-borne diseases – the mild winter in New York State meant there was an early wave of tick-borne diseases that Korin saw at the animal hospitals he attends.Pet-owners need to be extra vigilant – there are ticks in Central Park that can be hazardous to dogs. Korin thinks he has an indolent ulcer, which means that the ulcer has healed over, leaving infection locked inside a little pockmark on the cornea.

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