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This indicates that the cause of the cessation of coolant delivery was a sharp surge of power.

There is further evidence, but if this is not sufficient for the experts, I suppose nothing is going to convince them.

The stance taken by the experts here is an interesting one: they explain the destructive effect of positive feedback to the station staff.

Fine – the operators will know why they died or were maimed; but it would have been better had the reactor conformed to its design norms.

It certainly does fall with an increase in coolant flow rate, but when this happens the pressure at the core inlet rises, and so also does the boiling temperature (see Figure 1).

At low reactor power, boiling begins beyond the core anyway, in the steam-water communication (SWC) line pipework, and the location of boiling moves down gradually as power rises (Figure 1).

AZM and AZS signals were possible because these originated from ionisation chambers with a faster response time.

But these unfortunately had no automatic recorder to go with them.

But INSAG-7 gives an inaccurate picture of what happened, says the plant’s former deputy chief engineer.But how much closer to the truth does INSAG-7 bring us?For eight years now the erroneous assumption has been going the rounds that because of the high coolant flow rate, coolant subcooling at the core inlet was reduced, boiling began right at the bottom of the core, and this led to thermohydraulic instability.Then look at Fig II-11, in Annex II, and there is no contradiction.To clarify the above: between two events in 19 the time interval could be either two hours or two years minus two hours. These are functions natural to all reactors, and they are described in books and in regulations.3.

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